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Massive Password Reset

Is there a simple way for me to create a list of all my students logins so that I can give the list to a sub that doesn't have access to my account? I work with middle schoolers about 35% of them on IEPs so they often forget their logins. I just don't want to have to enter each student name on my lists and copy their logins. On the same note, is there a way I can reset all of the passwords so the sub can say this is everyone's passwords?

September 18, 2016

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From your class, go to activity details, and then spreadsheet. That'll give you a .csv file that a spreadsheet program can open. It contains Full names, usernames, emails, and details of the courses the students are using.

You won't be able to download passwords - no system would let you do that. I don't think it'll let you change passwords in bulk, either. You'd have to do it one by one.

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