"When do you start to learn Vietnamese?"

Translation:Bạn bắt đầu học tiếng Việt Nam khi nào?

September 18, 2016



This is the first time I've seen Vietnamese (the language) written as "tiếng Việt Nam". It's always been "tiếng Việt". Is this a mistake, or another way of saying it?

June 1, 2018


I swear the KHI NAO could be placed at the front of the sentence in the questions unit. Am I remembering wrong?

November 7, 2018


Vietnamese could also be shortened to "tiếng Việt" though.

September 18, 2016


Yes and in formal situations it could also be rendered as Việt ngữ.

September 19, 2016


I wrote "Khi nào bạn bắt đầu học tiếng Việt" and it got corrected to "Từ khi nào bạn bắt đầu học tiếng Việt." Google translate tells me Từ means "from," so I get that it makes sense, but I thought we were taught that Khi nào could go at either the beginning or the end. Why is the way I wrote it wrong?

August 25, 2018


I wrote the same thing, please correct this.

September 5, 2019


I have the same question... can it not be... "Khi nào bạn bắt đầu học tiếng việt"


July 15, 2019



January 14, 2017


I feel like this is too advanced at this early stage! We haven't done any questions yet and I looked at this and had absolutely no clue how to even approach it.

October 10, 2016
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