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"באוניברסיטה אנחנו לומדים רק עם מחשב נייד."

Translation:In the university we study only with a laptop.

September 18, 2016



Should "at university" be accepted as well as "at the university", considering there is no explicit definite article?


There is a difference between "be-universita" and "ba-universita". The latter has the article embedded in the preposition. Now the audio here sounded unclear to me on this point, but I assume it was meant to be "ba" because otherwise it would make little sense to me. באוניברסיטה לומדים רק עם מחשב נייד can be indefinite, in universities in general. But with the אנחנו it has to be a specific university, ba-universita. But I'm not sure if you can't use "at university" in the same way in English, referring to a specific university, the one "we" go to? If so then it should be accepted.


(format) אנחנו can be the figurative-general we


Fair enough. :-)


Why is laptop singular? That's both an honest question and a complaint:

1) Why is it singular in Hebrew?

2) It should be plural in English. Multiple people use multiple laptops.


Well, it is used in a generic sense, i.e. which instrument of choice does one use, like "In this school they still use a fountain pen to write", which means "Every pupil uses a fountain pen". But this is a question of style, where opinions can vary.

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