meaning of this turkish saying?

what's is the meaning of "Ne yardan geçer, ne serden" ?

2 years ago


The English equivalent is to have one's cake and eat it too.

It means, you don't want to sacrifice anything. You want them both.

2 years ago

Yar means lover. Ser means head (Old Turkish) Geçmek means to give up in this sentence. And "" sentences are same as "neither... nor" sentences.

And keep in mind there is a story behind every Turkish idioms. For the story of this idiom think about a man loves some girl impossible and if he chooses to try to be with her and fails he is going to be executed. Think about a soldier in love with King's daughter and plans to run away with her. And this idiom is first used for such situation "He neither gives up on his lover nor he can risk his head." So It has the meaning Ektoraskan said "to desire both options." Being with the girl and staying alive". But actually the real meaning of the idiom is to want something badly but can't have courage to face the risk. It's an idiom more suitable for the ones cant show enough determination for what they want.

2 years ago
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