"Szomjas vagy? Lemész a folyóhoz és iszol!"

Translation:Are you thirsty? You go down to the river and you drink!

September 18, 2016



We're a little less aggressive about offering someone a drink in the US... o_0

September 18, 2016


I need to repeat the Hungarian sentence is very clear there is no doubt in it Are you thirsty go down to the river and drink.Making some euphemisms .you change the philosophy of the language/Hungarian/ Such thing you could say also in Hungarian but otherwise

November 24, 2017


Why you change the imperative mood into something more polite but grammatically or better said lexically wrong

August 30, 2017


--------- actually this structure is very rude. first you don't allow him to answer, then you tell him to go down to the river and drink but you tell him to do that by repeating you (he must be really stupid ) so he knows you're not happy with him . . .

September 10, 2017
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