"Az az idős férfi onnan néz be azon az ablakon."

Translation:That old man looks in through that window from there.

September 18, 2016



I feel like this is the kind of English sentence that only makes sense with lots of finger pointing. Is that pretty much the case for the Hungarian sentence too?

September 18, 2016


Yes, I think so.

September 22, 2016


It would be much easier to translate the sentence without ONNAN: That old man looks inside through the window.

September 22, 2017


Or even just "in" but then we'd not be experiencing "onnan."

January 22, 2018


Why 'through' when it's 'azON az ablakON'?

June 5, 2018


Good question!!

June 12, 2018


"That old man is looking from there through that window" was not accepted. WHY?

January 28, 2019


-------- it needed a "looking in " (ne'z be... ) . . .

Big 13 apr 19

April 14, 2019


I've reported it. The computer wouldn't accept, "That elderly man is looking in that window from there." You don't need the word, "through." It doesn't alter the meaning. We look in the window, we look through the window, there's no great difference. Either way we're looking at what's on the other side.

April 4, 2019


I agree, Richard, but one makes up those clumsy sentences trying to please the Duo. In this case, it was to no avail.

April 4, 2019


Same problem as before and memory is the key. I put "into" instead of "in through." I think both are correct but the computer doesn't accept into.

April 9, 2019
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