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"Hova futnak a nyulak, ide vagy oda?"

Translation:Where do the rabbits run to, here or there?

September 18, 2016



"Where the rabbits run to"... I can't begin to describe everything wrong with this sentence... (reported)


I agree, the English sentence is VERY ill-formed A properly constructed English sentence would be: - To where are the rabbits running, here or there? More colloquially, we might say: - Where are the rabbits running to, here or there? or - Where do the rabbits run to, here or there?


Maybe: Where are those rabbits running, here or over there?


It is one thing, that totally correct Hungarian sentences are not accepted, although they perfectly match the English ones semantically, but this is not the first time that the English sentence is gramatically wrong...


I think "To where are the rabbits running here or there" should be accepted. It's still present tense.


Where are the rabbits running, to here or to there? Not accepted and most definitely reported.

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