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  5. "הנשים והגברים."

"הנשים והגברים."

Translation:The women and the men.

September 18, 2016



Is there any perceivable difference in pronunciation between הנשים (the women) and אנשים (people)? They sound pretty much the same.


The H sound of הנשים as opposed to the A sound of אנשים.

Many people would colloquially use A for both.


The word אנשים would include men, so you wouldn't say אנשים והגברים. In modern Hebrew it is difficult to distinguish between the two words because ה is often not articulated. Because אנשים agrees differently than הנשים, you will likely be able to distinguish through context.


Could some please write how this is pronounced.

I am hearing: "Anasheem ver.varim"

Please and thank you!


Ha-nashím ve-ha-gvarím.


I was taught gentlemen was also correct


Usually you use רבותיי for gentlemen


I am totally confused. We used to address our female Hebrew teacher as Gveret Berlin, Mrs. BERLIN. I would think gvarim would be the plural for women. ALSO, why does the plural for women not end with the typical "ot" (long o).


The word נשים is an irregular plural. If it were regular, it would be אישות. The word אנשים is also an irregular plural of the word איש which is another way to say man (which can also mean person).

In two-noun construction, called s'michut in Hebrew, if נשים is the first word, it becomes נשות, as in the phrase נשות הכותל, the Hebrew name for the organization Women of the Wall.


The word גברת means lady or Mrs. The plural of גברת is גבירות


Right, but to be precise The plural of גברת is גברות. There's a variant גבירה with the plural גבירות.


Oh, you have the same question with me. Please somebody answers this question~~


That is what i wrote;


When you want us to write in Hebrew you need to have the sentence start right to left the way Hebrew is written!! Not left to right! It is confusing! I know the correct answer but they way you have it down I get it wrong


Why is "the ladies and the men considered a wrong answer?


Because just like in English, Hebrew uses a different word for "a woman" אישה and "a lady" גברת. Hence "the women" - הנשים and "the ladies" - הגברות.

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