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"What is the route to the museum?"

Translation:Ποια είναι η διαδρομή προς το μουσείο;

September 18, 2016



Why can’t στο be used?


Here "to the" gives a general direction. That has to be προς το in greek.

If the sentence was "I am going to the museum" (your destination is the museum), that would be translated Πηγαίνω στο μουσείο.


In English it would be "Which is the road to the museum" because it is a question of choice between different roads.

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Would the sentence above make sense if the person asking has no idea what the route is at all? I like how you differentiate between what and which but it seems to me that in English it would be "Which is the road to the museum" if it is a question of choice between different roads.


I think in Br. Eng. you would say " What is the way to the museum". Route" is more usual in Am.Eng. and my mistake was equating route with road. So perhaps in Am. Eng this sentence is correct. Thanks for pointing this out D:

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I agree it sounds a bit strange to ask about a route if you know nothing about it but I thought it might work. :)


If you know nothing about it, wouldn't "τι" be a better choice than "ποια"?


No, Τι είναι + "x" is like asking about the definition of "x".


Yes, but what and which are interchangeable in English in at least some instances.

What is the route museum? What time should I be there? You could use 'which' but it would sound a little different (or you're an english professor :) )

We use which: Which is the correct choice? Which one do you want?

In the 1st sentence you could use "what" and that is perfectly acceptable. The second less so but people use "what" all the time in this way.

I dont know if this is gramatically correct, but so many people use "what" like this, it's correct because we say so. Teachers and professors have to deal with it!

This ia why Αγγλικά speakere have so much trouble with ποια /ποιο και τι.

Btw how would one say English Speaker in Ελληνικά ?

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