"My jewelry has been lost."

Translation:נאבדו לי התכשיטים.

September 18, 2016

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02/2019: DL didn't accept התכשיטים נאבדו לי.


Why can't you say התכשיתים נאבדו לי?


i am a native israeli fluent in english and hebrew. decided to check out the hebrew for english course just for fun. well found mistake i though i should point out : although some folks use this translation נאבדו its actually in correct. the proper term is אבדו I am enclosing a link to a site in hebrew that ecpains that. http://ybhlashon.com/PAGE6.asp

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Right. See my answer above.

If you go through these comment pages, you'll see a lot of arguments about spoken Hebrew vs what the people who made this course call "formal Hebrew", or as you and I call it, "correct Hebrew".


I am not a nstive Hebrew speaker but I had some wonderful Hebrew teachers. I now realize that many things they taught me are considered to be formal rather than the more colloquial Hebrew that Duo insists on. I don't mind that, I want to learn colloquial Hebrew. But I hate it when I get marked wrong for something that is absolutely correct, and that has happened.


Tidi, they have an English course for Hebrew speakers in the Duolingo incubator right now, and they are looking for volunteers. Maybe this is something you'd be interested in doing? https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/en/he/status


it's a very entertaining page, when you read Google's translation to english


What about word order in this sentence? Is the only correct form the one given?


What is the difference between נאבדו לי התכשיתים and התכשיתים נאבדו לי?


מה אם: ״התכשיטים שלי הלכו לאיבוד״?

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על משפט כזה המורה ללשון היתה צועקת עלי.

הנכון ביותר זה בניין קל.: אבדו לי התכשיטים.

נאבד לא מופיע במקרא בכלל, ובתלמוד מופיע במשמעות ״נהרס״

זו טעות כל כך נפוצה שאין לצפות מדואולינגו שיסמן את ״נאבדו״ כטעות, אבל לפחות שלא יסמן לי את הצורה הנכונה (אבדו) כ-כמעט נכון


Ne’evdu li ha-takhshitim.

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