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  5. "Η πραγματικότητα της."

"Η πραγματικότητα της."

Translation:Her reality.

September 18, 2016



«η πραγματικότητά της» two accents


That's what I thought - is that always the rule, the extra accent on the last syllable before the pronoun if the main accent is on the ante-penult? Or are there exceptions?


I believe the rule is to always put an accent on the last syllable before an unaccented clitic (which in Modern Greek is, I think, just the possessives) if the accent is on the antepenultimate.

Note, however, that in Modern Greek it's not always clear from the spelling how many syllables a word has, as the letters that spell the sound /i/ can also spell the sound /j/ -- one of them is a vowel and contributes a syllable, the other is a glide or semivowel and does not make an extra syllable.

So e.g. άδεια can be either two syllables "ά-δεια" (empty) or three "ά-δει-α" (permission, leave), and only the second case would need an extra accent when followed by a clitic.


At this app this rule is always neglected. I think this is a mistake of the developers


Η πραγματικότητά της

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