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"Τα αδέλφια περπατούν στην παραλία."

Translation:The siblings are walking on the beach.

September 18, 2016



Could this also be the siblings walk to the beach?


Τα αδέλφια περπατούν στην παραλία means that the siblings are walking on the beach(on the sand). The siblings walk to the beach means that they walk to get there(to the beach) which is not the same. If you want to say "the siblings walk to the beach" in Greek is "τα αδέλφια περπατούν προς την παραλία"


in an earlier lesson, 'the siblings' was 'τα αδέρφια' - what is the difference? or was it an error?


Same word, different spelling.


Why is "along the beach" rated as incorrect?


Along the beach = Κατά μήκος της παραλίας

On the beach doesn't describe their movement as accurately as along the beach does. Who knows, maybe they're just walking perpendicularly to the length of the beach or even walking in circles.

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