"Đừng hỏi vì sao."

Translation:Do not ask why.

September 18, 2016

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is "stop asking why" also a possible answer?


No because "stop" is dừng/ngừng/ngưng.


Đừng hỏi em vì sao, tình yêu ta úa màu


This being a "phrases" sections, is "đừng" always "do not", or is it ujique to this phrase? If it is regularly used, is there a defined set of verbs that we will not negate with không?


Could this also be "Do not question why" or would that use " câu hỏi"?


It would have been very interesting for DL to decline this affirmative sentence, in interrogative sentence for example:You don't ask why? ( Bạn dung hỏi tại sao?) or Why don't you ask? (Tại sao, bạn không hỏi?) It's really a pity that DL never offers us this kind of deepening. DL prefers to change almost systematically the topic from one sentence to another. Look at this, since the beginning of this lesson, we have the congratulations, OK, but why the condolences? What kind of link with the sentences before or after?Nothing! It is objectively pitiful and especially very little didactic!

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