"There is a Christian church and a Muslim mosque in my city."

Translation:Στην πόλη μου υπάρχει ένας χριστιανικός ναός και ένα μουσουλμανικό τζαμί.

September 18, 2016

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τέμενος should be also correct for mosque. It is more formal and a Greek-origin word.


Just for info as my answer was deemed "almost correct". In GR there is "μία" and there is also "μια". The meaning is exactly the same but "μία" is a two syllable word and is pronounced accented in "ί", while as "μια" is a monosyllable word (hence the loss of the accent mark) and is pronounce accented in "α".

Same thing goes for "δύο=two" and "δυο".

For more info have a look at this: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Appendix:Greek_number_and_measurement


Yes but Duo seems to always prefer the accent, someone said μία has an accent when it refers to one but Duo prefers an accent even when it translates a or an.?

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