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Duolingo iPad app

I would really appreciate if there was an iPad app for Duolingo. I know that there is an iPhone app that you can install on an iPad, but I tried it, and it is really bad on the iPad.

February 6, 2013



We will have one this Spring.


Thanks Luis! Your support and dedication to replying to peoples threads is fantastico! I find myself reading through these discussions and you are always there with a helpful reply! I am loving your program and look forward to the future of it!!


I agree. This would be pretty great.


This would be fantastic


I am using the IPad to do my translations and have been doing so for about the last 4 weeks . There are frustrating things about it but it is entirely possible. I wish I knew how to use accents with it . I know you hold the key down , and various options appear, but I can't figure out how to select one . Probably being a bit dim ?


You have to move your finger to the accented character you need without raising the finger from the screen :)

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