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"Ο δικαστής δουλεύει στα δικαστήρια."

Translation:The judge works in the courts.

September 18, 2016



Isn't "the judge works in the court of law" what an English person would normally say? The EN phrase sounds a bit unnatural to me.


I would also add "courthouse" as a possible answer


At the court...
I am also wondering about singular 'court'. In the US, Ithink it tends to be used in the singular. A particular judge usually works at one particular court, as far as I understand.


The more common way of putting this in Greek would be by using the singular number as well. Since the noun is in the plural in the displayed sentence, it's better if we keep it the way it is.


"Law courts" needs to be included.


Yes...please soon I hope!! I was marked wrong in the Strengthen Skills exercise today!!


Why is it after a comment on some questions, changes or additions are made almost immediately, but on other ones, despite several people asking for a translation which has been left out, nobody does anything?

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Because we are people, and it is possible that we do not see all of the comments in the Greek forum. This one was added 2 days ago, though.


I wasn't complaining!! I think you guys do an absolutely amazing job... can't thank you enough... I recommend Duolingo to all my Greek students studying English as well as friends and anyone who is studying another language!!


No I'm not trying to complain either! - indeed the course is fantastic! And I was actually thinking more of another question in the course, altho I can't remember now what it is, which has come up a few times, and several people have asked for the same missing translation. I just wondered why sometimes there seems to be no response, and maybe the comments are not getting thru.


"courthouse" should be accepted. It also means δικαστήρια and the meaning doesn't change.

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