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"O lote de álcool chega em março."

Translation:The lot of alcohol arrives in March.

February 6, 2013



THe question isn't so much what the "correct" English term would be - since most of us speak English and are learning Portuguese the question should be "is this a "normal" or "typical" sentence in Portuguese?" And the secondary question - one Duolingo really really really needs to work on - is "is this the vocabulary and grammar that will be useful to a beginning learner of the language?" (Can you tell I'm a language professor?!) The answer in the latter case is definitely "no" and I have no idea about the first!


it is a typical sentence in Portuguese. And I must know if it is the correct English the duo sentence.


The english is correct, but it's 'lot' is a term which is not used much outside of the goods/delivery industry (with the exception of auction lots). There are other ways of expressing the same sentence. In the US 'shipment' seems to be common, maybe more common than 'lot'. 'Batch' might also be appropriate alternative in some cases. e.g. "The shipment of alcohol arrives ..." or "The batch of alcohol arrives ..." or even "The delivery of alcohol arrives ..."


thanks. Here is more common " O pedido de álcool chega..." because lot is very specific.


Good to know, thanks =)

But you need to rearrange your sentence: Here " O pedido de álcool chega..." is more common, because lot is very specific.


I´d just like to say that in my opinion "lot" as a translation for "lote" is just wrong in this context. "lot" is just not used this way in English. My dictionary suggests "portion", "share", "parcel" or "batch", and only suggests "lot" in the context of an auction.


This makes sense when you work in a drugstore, and your alcohol supply is running low.

Then you call the suppliers for a batch of alcohol.


Batch is more common, but the word 'lot' can be used as a synonym. 'I'll buy the whole lot' as one example. Or 'The crying of lot 49' for another,


I'm not sure what a "lot of alcohol" is when used in this context.


This is way too specific for people who don't work in shipping. Maybe "shipment" should be used.


batch in place of lot sounds more natural to me


I don't think they are quite interchangeable. I brew a batch of beer and then ship it in lots. This batch may be 20 lots or more. Batch also gives the impression that it is not yet packaged.


what is an alcohol lot it is not English


what is an alcohol lot it is not English


This sentence gives new meaning to 'the waters of march'. Os alcools de marcos?

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