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  5. "The apple and the pineapple."

"The apple and the pineapple."

Translation:Το μήλο και ο ανανάς.

September 18, 2016



When do I use 'To' as opposed to 'o', - or all the other forms of 'the' and 'a'? Is there a general rule for which to use where? For example, in "Η γυναίκα και το κορίτσι" there are two forms of 'the'. Does 'το' only go in the middle of a sentence?


It is the grammatical gender that we have to worry about, so that all depends on the noun being addressed.


Why is a pineapple masculine?

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The genders do not refer to the actual person or thing. They are just grammatical terms.

So, in Greek a "pineapple" can be masculine, an a "chair" is feminine but a "boy" is neuter.

Sometimes they are logical but basically you just need to learn the gender of each word. You'll find this in other languages as well.

If you can access the Tips& notes found on the web for each skill...just look for the lightbulb image you'll find a lot of help for each lesson.


how do you put the accents on the letters... I switched to the greek keyboard, but I can't find η and ν with the accents

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Press the semicolon key and then the letter you want to accent. ν cannot be accented as its a consonant.

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Which is the greek-english dictionary which shows greek noun genders?

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All those in this link. There are seven dictionaries here: http://www.lexilogos.com/english/greek_dictionary.htm

The most complete is WordReference, however, it shows genders etc in Greek. No worry, just double click here:

Σύνθετοι τύποι: English Greek

grammar n (of a language).......... γραμματική --->ουσ θηλ<--- to get a whole page Eng. Greek equivalents.

ουσ θηλ noun feminine


I cannot get past the apple and pineapple. Tried just about everything. Looks ok to me but it just wont accept it so now i cannot progress. Any ideas

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We moderators cannot see your sentence unless you use the proper procedure for reporting sentences that have been rejected.

What kind of exercise was? What did the rejected sentence say? What was the correct sentence shown?

Here's how to report.

Go to the bottom of the exercise page where you'll see REPORT Click on that:

Then choose what you want to REPORT: (You'll see these to choose from.)

-The audio does not sound correct.

-The dictionary hints on hover are wrong or missing.

-The Greek sentence is unnatural or has an error.

-The "Correct solution" is unnatural or has an error.

-My answer should be accepted. This is the one you should click on if your translation was not accepted (edited)


I have a Samsung phone which doesn't allow me to write in Greek the needed answer. What can I do?

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I have never seen a device that doesn't have a variety of keyboards available. So, go into setting and check languages then check Greek ...Modern Greek if there are more than one... the you'll be able to switch back and frorth from English to Greek.


Even in Hindi pineapple is called ananas... Is there any connection bw the two languages?

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Both countries didn't have ananas, because it's a native South American fruit, so they both borrowed the same Tupi word for it. :)


I wrote το instead of ο and it said that my answer was correct

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Without seeing the full sentence we don't know what you did, and if it was correct or incorrect.

Use these to help you>

TIPS TO MAKE LEARNING EASIER + HOW TO REPORT A PROBLEM https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/22424028

And check out the Greek Forum here with more links.


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