"Your shirt is black."

Translation:Το πουκάμισό σου είναι μαύρο.

September 18, 2016



Why does Duolingo insist on omiting accents in cases like this? It should be πουκάμισό σου, shouldn't it?

September 18, 2016


    Yes, it should. The contributors are aware of this, once they are allowed to edit the (currently locked) Greek sentences they''ll fix this. Please remember that the course is in beta, mistakes and omissions are to be expected during this phase. :) But it's good that you're mentioning it as more users who might not know about this rule will see it.

    September 18, 2016


    Which is the rule? It isn't mentioned.

    May 13, 2018


    Why 2 accents? Shouldn't it be πουκάμισο?

    January 3, 2018


    I don't understand why both σου and σας are correct. Any help? thanks.

    September 28, 2017


    I think σου is for the singular and σας is for the plural of "you".

    November 28, 2017


    That's correct, but something to be aware of is that when Greeks are being polite or cordial (particularly with a stranger) they may say σας instead of σου (even in the singular instance)

    June 26, 2018
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