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  5. "Η σκηνή μας."

"Η σκηνή μας."

Translation:Our scene.

September 18, 2016



Happy to learn a new word, but not sure how it relates to the whole concept of time/ seasons, etc?


Good question. I guess the original author had some plan but now it's just a sentence without a home.


In English "scene" can also mean a way of life, or a way of living or acting. As in, "hey man, that's not my scene," to say you wouldn't do a certain thing or hang out with a certain group of people. I guess it is slang, and probably originated in the 1960's with the hippie culture. I am wondering if σκηνή is used the same way in Greek?


While Greek often picks up foreign slang expressions "σκηνή" used in that way is not one of them. But I think you answered your own question. "Scene" was used by the hippies of the 60s. I haven't heard it for ages.


If our scene doesn't mean our lifestyle in the Greek translation , what does it mean? One comment says it is equivalent to our tent. Is that as in camping? Please help me understand the sense of this phrase.


I can't imagine what this is doing in this skill. Yes, "σκηνή" means "scene" but not in the English idiomatic way as "my lifestyle" but as:

"scene" as in a play "tent" yes the one you use for camping "stage" as in a theater.

Use the Drop DownHints to find out what Duo expects you to translate to. For example here you will find: "our scene"


By scene I imagined pictures of the seasons, which the word serves as a complement for this theme.


Yes, it should be accepted.


I was given "η σκηνή" on an earlier exercise and my answer "the moment" was accepted. For some reason "η σκηνή μας" does not accept "our moment." Is one of these an error, or is this a special case?


"η σκηνή" is only used in five sentences on the course. To view them easily just go to the top of this page and click on the blue sentence. You'll see not only the sentences, the definitions, and also all the comments regarding them.

Perhaps you are thinking of "η στίγμη" which means..."moment''? They are rather alike. In the new tree, we have these words in separate Skills so as to avoid confusion, we learn something new every day.


That is very possible, I am still learning! Thank you


As are we...btw I meant this statement for us..."we learn something new every day". (Don't put two similar looking/sounding words close together.)


the audio sounds like ἡ σχημη μας

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