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"Αυτός είναι ο άντρας του οποίου ο αδελφός είναι φίλος μου."

Translation:This is the man whose brother is my friend.

September 18, 2016



Why this sentence is so twisted and complicated... I bet no one ever used that. Or, I imagine those old ladies who gossip about everyone around are constructing sentences like this...


Is it always necessary to have the genitive definite article "του" when using "οποίου"?


Yes. These two always go together (when the word is οποίος and not όποιος, of course). ^.^


Speaking Greek is a workout for the mouth! 'οποίου ο αδελφός' : ee / ou / o / a. How is it possible to say that quickly? Do even native speakers find this a tongue twister? :-)


I don't think that this is difficult for Greek people. They are used to it and it's nothing special for them. For others English might be a tongue twister language, too. It always depends on what you're used to.


"This is the man whose brother is one of my friends " is correct as well in my opinion

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It is not, because "one of my friends" does not mean the same thing as "my friend", or even "a friend of mine", in English or in Greek. "one of my friends" = ένας από τους φίλους μου
"my friend" = (ο) φίλος μου
"a friend of mine" = (ένας) φίλος μου

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Why is ο φίλος μου wrong?

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"Αυτός είναι ο άντρας του οποίου ο αδελφός είναι οφίλος μου." is one of the correct answers we have in the incubator. It should have been accepted. Of course, we can't see what you wrote or if there is an error. Please send a screenshot when this happens so we can be of more help. Often we find there are other errors. Even one letter from the wrong keyboard could cause the computer to reject a translation.


How do I know, in this sentence, if Autoc means "this" or "he" ?

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