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  5. "Ellas van a saber leer."

"Ellas van a saber leer."

Translation:They will know how to read.

February 6, 2013



Saber + infinitive = to know how to.


Except they had a previous sentence about 'van a saber nadar' and their translation for that was 'they are going to learn how to swim'. The inconsistency is what irritates me.


something new to learn - I did look up saber and "to know how to" is one of its meanings


There are two answers mentioned as correct. The one above and : "They will know how to read. These two do not have the same meaning in English....


Hola davidmalt: I agree, but Duo does not. I have reported this type of error many times, but Duo has not changed.


It's a very odd sentence. I have to wonder if it's something anyone would ever actually say in Spanish, or if it's just formulated to teach translation. Duolingo seems to have a lot of sentences that are peculiar in English -- I'm not sure what context anyone would say something like this. I could understand, "Ellas van a aprender leer," but this sentence seems to imply either that they don't currently know how to read and are going to learn it in the future (then why not use aprender?), or you're telling someone a group of people one is expecting in the future is already able to read. I could only see that if someone needs to be reassured that the 'they' in question will be able to read something. In either case, it's still peculiar.


Ian....here is a possible context. I am a teacher of English as a second language. When discussing my students I could be talking in general about them in the future after I have been teaching them for awhile. "They are going to know how to read."

In reality I would probably say something like "They are going to be able to read English at the 8th grade level."


I think "they are going to be able to read" should be also accepted


Just reported this. In my opinion: In English, you would say I know / don't know how to read, but you wouldn't say you are going to know how to, as it is not an action. You would say you are going to learn.


Sound quality is poor. Saber sounds like Server.


oh, come on! ellos vs ellas not a real big mistake.


Is Ellas van a saber leer equivalent to Ellos sabrĂ¡n leer?

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