I don't want to practice! Where is the continue button?

February 10, 2014


You need to get through all of the lessons to pass them. Just click on the next circle. Why is the title of this "mister?"
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"Dean"? — alright stupid pun. ;)

It asked for my "title". I had no circle to click on, obviously. All that was available was "practice".
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>> Why is the title of this "mister?"

> It asked for my "title".

This is genius, have a lingot!

Where it said "Don't write in this space", he wrote "OK". (Not mocking Dean. It's from the Simpsons.)

Someone else made this genuine mistake here during the weekend... I just checked, it literally says "Type your title", not "Title of post" or something else unambiguous.


I've been wondering why so many people are writing their name as the title of the post!! This explains so much!! I'll go make a report. Thanks!
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Ah, but "Title of post" might be, for example, "Professor", if I happened to hold that post at a university ;-).

In seriousness, though, I agree: it could certainly be better worded. I suspect that most of us who have spent some time on web forums probably don't even read the labels -- the positions of the text fields are enough of a cue. (I believe it's a standard maxim in user-interface research that users never read anything if they can possibly help it.)

Hi DeanPercival,

I'm not sure if this is exactly what you mean, by "title". Would you mind posting a screen shot of that?

Usually when people talk about getting stuck and wanting to move forward, these instructions are helpful:

The levels go up when you earn points. It's not related to how many new skills you learn (Basics 1 is a Skill. Inside of it are Lessons that you need to complete before you can continue into Phrases or Basics 2).

Alt text

Alt text

Let me know if this helps resolve your problem. :)

Thanks, but it's not one of the pages you show. I do not know how to "post a screen shot", sorry. I finally blundered onto the continuing page, but it sure is difficult to navigate. Lotta jerks out there, aren't there.

Hi DeanPercival,

There are instructions for how to post a screen shot here: I hope that helps! :)

omg "title" hahahahaha

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