"I know good kindergarten teachers here."

Translation:Én ismerek itt jó óvónőket.

September 18, 2016

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What's wrong with "Itt jó óvónőket ismerek."?


You should report it.


Is "subj + verb + adv + direct obj" a formula (one of many)? I said Én jó óvónőket itt ismerek, can someone explain which part or parts make it wrong and why?


What would be the word if the kindergarten teacher would be a man? => "óvóférfi" ? ^^ :P

It seems there is no equivalent for a male, just "tanár"... Is it the same situation than in French for "sage-femme" (midwife - "femme" meaning "woman") which has no equivalent if a man does the job (although it is not so often) and you need to call him "sage-femme"...


Similar in Swedish, where you have "sjuksköterska" (sick-caretaker + female-maker) being the nurse, but is used for both men and women (except in Finland where you use the actual male: "sjukskötare" instead). The same with "mattant" (food-lady) being the lunch lady in school, also used for both men and women.

So if you can't come up with a male equivalent, you could just do like Sweden and use óvónő for everyone, or just coin the term óvóférfi, it isn't hard. Just start using it now. Especially considering it's a kindergarten teacher. Just tell the children that it is called "óvóférfi" and they'll accept it.


is "itt ismerek jó óvónőket" ok?

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