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Is everything ok with daily reminders?

I have mine set to be at 9pm, but I received it at 5:32 am next day (today) when it was already too late obviously, so I lost my italian streak =(

And is there a way to know what is my duolingo time zone? Because I live in Paris time, but my laptop is set on Moscow time, so I do not know which of them duo considers to be the initial. Anyway, would be nice to see this information in the settings as well (even if we cannot change it).

February 10, 2014



Your Duolingo timezone is based on the timezone you were in when you signed up. This error may be because of confusion about what your timezone is :/ So sorry! What was your streak?


The difference between Paris and Moscow is 3 hours. So, 9pm Moscow time is 6pm Paris time. And 9pm Paris time is 0:00 Moscow time. So in any case I should not have received the reminder at 5:30 am Moscow time. If I understand correctly the words "Remind me when I forget to practice Italian by 9pm", the reminder should come either at 9pm Moscow time, or at 0:00 Moscow time. Not at 5:30 Moscow time. Or does the reminder come later than the time specified? Something strange is happening anyway. The streak was 60, but it's ok. I still got the overall one because of the streak freeze :) I just want the reminder service to be useful for me, that is why I am posting the question.

UPD: Shouldn't the reminder come at time specified anyway? Like at 0 minutes sharp and not at 32 as it was in my case?

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