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"Το αυγό είναι μικρό ωστόσο νόστιμο."

Translation:The egg is small yet delicious.

September 18, 2016



The egg is small yet delicious.

I think it's a bit better translation. What do you think?


I agree, 'I don't think anyone would say 'however delicious' in that sentence, but they would say 'yet delicious' in that sentence.


For 'νόστιμο' I put tasty and I think that could also be a correct answer


I remember the translation of νόστιμο because it sounds like "nosh" which I'm sure comes from this word, and nosh is always used to describe either tasty food, or the act of eating something tasty. :)


Actually, the words are not related. Nosh comes from Yiddish נאַשן ‎(nashn), from Middle High German naschen ‎(“nibble”) (which is also the parent of German naschen), from Old High German naskōn ‎(“to nibble; parasite”), from Proto-Germanic *hnaskōną ‎(“to weaken; make soft; tenderise”)


As a matter of fact ΝΟΣΤΙΜΟΣ is related to NOSTALGY.

NOΣΤΙΜΟΣ from the ancient νέομαι/ return became νόστιμος/ the one who has returned to his native country, which became something which brings pleasure, like a good dinner i.e. tasty.

NOSTALGY from this same νέομαι we have νόστος/ a happy return to the native country. The French created nostalgie from Gr νόστος + -αλγία


i said yum, which should work but it didn't. thats pretty rats


... small though tasty - why is "though" wrong??


Yes we need though and although as accepted translations


And how about "even if it's tasty"?


I do not know if this is the right place to make this request. Is it possible that the TIPS and NOTES be expanded for the "conjunctions" skill? There are far more being used in the sentences, which is of course welcome, but the list reflects neither the number of conjunctions being taught nor the possible translations for each.

If I need to make this request elsewhere, please advise. Ευχαρστούμε, ελληνική ομάδα!


Might be my laptop but there is an audible 'kuh' sound that I hear also?


Not on the web at least, but it's usually the app that's less consistent.


Got the O wrong in ωστόσο:(

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