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"Αυτή λέει ότι μαγειρεύει κοτόπουλο."

Translation:She says that she cooks chicken.

September 18, 2016



"Αυτή λέει ότι μαγειρεύει κοτόπουλο" My answer was "She says that she is cooking a chicken". This was marked wrong. Is it? Please tell me how.

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It doesn't say "ένα κοτόπουλο" which would be "a chicken" it simply says "μαγειρεύει κοτόπουλο" so it is: "She cooks (or is cooking) chicken."

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So is the absence of an article before μαγειρευει implying that she herself is cooking? Or is this just an ambiguous sentence that is context dependent?

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I think "article" (a/the) is not the word you want.

If you mean: "Αυτή λέει ότι αυτή μαγειρεύει κοτόπουλο." it would be really odd in Greek unless you are referring to another "she". As in "Mary says that Jane is cooking...".

So, in conclusion the sentence here is ok.

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