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Demonstrative pronouns Tips and Notes, typo and table alignment...

Hey guys, thanks for the great Polish course. Just before moving to Poland, I joined Duolingo seeking a Polish course, and was very disappointed there was nothing (at the time). But, I have just rediscovered Duolingo and this really good Polish course, and I'm loving learning.

I just noticed the "Demonstrative pronouns Tips and Notes" page has a small typo, and the tables also need some alignment so that words are not broken through bad word-wrap.

The type occurs in the last sentence of the second paragraph: "...Lubię tamtą dziewczynkę (I like that girl) In some cases it can also be translated as the other one or the another."

It probably should read: "...can also be translated as the other one or the other / or another."

I do have a screencap, but can't seem to see where to paste that here.

1 year ago