"We rest on Saturday."

Translation:אנחנו נחות בשבת.

September 18, 2016

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Anakhnu nakhim be-shabat.


So why isn't "בימי" used here?


The day "Saturday" is called by many "יום שבת", but by others referred to as "the Sabbath", just "שבת".


Thanks. I know that part but, I guess I'm confused about "ביני". It was introduced elsewhere as "on the (day of the week)". I just started the time lessons today so it only pipped up once and I was trying to figure out its usage, I guess. Am I completely misunderstanding that word, can you explain it a bit to me? Would it be used in this sentence at all, say if it were "We rest on Tuesday"?

And duuuh, I think I see what I missed now. It says בשבת I wrote ביני שבת and totally missed the ב entirely when I saw the correct answer. So I didn't see where the "on" was coming from at all. That's what it was! So would you say "ביני שלישי" if it were "We rest on Tuesday"? Think I've got this now.

I really do hope an explanation regarding Shabbat gets added to the course notes. I knew the יום שבת or שבת thing but does that make it different from the others with "ביני" (or any other prepositions for that matter)?


I think you mean בימי (on days)

The thing with days of the week in Hebrew, is that they for don't have simple names like English. Sunday is regarded as a pronoun for many aspects. In Hebrew the name is a genetive construction יום ראשון, in plural ימי ראשון.

So you might say "I'm off on Sundays", and Hebrew is "אני חופשי בימי ראשון".

We rest on Tuesday becomes אנחנו נחים בימי שלישי

Saturday is an exception, where you can say ימי שבת, but also שבתות. As שבתון "sabbatical" or שבת "sabbath" is a noun of its own for "day of rest". It does converge with the seventh day which is a day of rest.

Incidentally, the use יום שבת is more common among seculars, where it's just another day, constructed like the rest. Religious usually use שבת, though not exclusively.


Thanks so much for this, excellent and helpful explanation and yes, "בימי"! I shouldn't be commenting late at night I guess! (In fact im going be sure to read this over again tomortow after ive gotten some sleep). You've been so helpful with all my questions lately. I really appreciate it. I'm finding its really helping me learn. You and and Almog and all the other Israelis/native speakers who have been helping us all are one of the hidden gems of Duo. תודה וכל הכבוד


Agreed; you are all absolutely brilliant. Thank you


You could say בימי שבת. You would certainly use בימי with any other day of the week. Saturday is an exception in that we can say יום שבת or just שבת, and so in the plural we can drop the ימי.


Thank you, that all makes sense now. :)


This the first time I see אנו instead of אנחנו for we. It is correct?


They are the same. אנו isn't very common.


שבת = שינה בשבת תענוג


I was marked wrong for ommitting אנחנו. Couldn't this also be we as in "one," in a more general sense?


Is it ever yom Shabbat?

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