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How do you see the lessons in the target language?

On my IPad App it works fine- I see the questions/prompts in the target language which helps me learn. On my PC with Windows 8 it's transliterating everything into English (I have my target language keyboard installed so I can answer questions)...what am I missing?

September 18, 2016



Top left ish of screen there's a button marked Aa/Яя which will switch between Latin and Cyrillic letters.


Нема за що :)

(Which appears to be the Ukrainian version of не за что, but if I got it wrong, UK speakers, please do correct me :D)


You can also say "Будь ласка", but "Нема за що" is correct also. :)


I figured нема за що, as the equivalent of не за что, would be more likely what I'd say in this situation in Russian! I'm glad it works.

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