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  5. "Η διδασκαλία είναι δύσκολη."

"Η διδασκαλία είναι δύσκολη."

Translation:Teaching is difficult.

September 18, 2016



Didascalia/didascália/didascalie/didaskalia actually means stage direction (not sure about this term in English; I mean things like: "Exeunt ROSENCRANTZ and GUILDENSTERN, escorted by attendants; Enter POLONIUS" in a play) in Romance languages and also in Polish. Very interesting etymology again :)


"hard" should be accepted too for difficult, translation what do you think?


"Hard" is one of the words accepted as you'll see from the drop down hints above. I cannot fanthom why yours wasn't. Please tell us if you had the sentence in the Tree, or a Test out , or Strengthen, section. It will help us find where the kink is. Thanks


its in the tree section. it didnt give any option on 'hard', just word difficult.


I had the sentence in Strengthen Skills and it marked "hard" as incorrect.


It's not accepting 'hard' for me, either, although it does give it as a mouse-over hint; I'm doing the lesson in the tree. (I also reported it.)


Teaching in general is difficult? Would "The teaching is difficult" be written the same way


"Teaching" refers to the general discipline, however, "the teaching" is specific as in for example "the teaching of the French Revolution is difficult.

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