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  5. "Το άρθρο η"

"Το άρθρο η"

Translation:The article the

September 18, 2016

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It means "The Bart, the."


Like, "The article: The" Because the is an article.


I was confused too =)


it was missing punctuation


Last time i put: the article the. And it put mistake, as it should be the article 'the'. Now i put 'the' and it's again mistake? And please explain why?


when I say "το άρθρο η" I mean I am speaking (in Greek) of the greek article "η". Greek has an article structure that is much more complex than English. I think η cannot be rendered with "the". From a practical point of you, "the article the" could be left as a feasible answer, but "the article eta" should be given as the best one.


The only reason I got it incorrect is because I wrote "The article 'the' ", whereas in another example where I had "The word 'cat' is a noun", it was correct. Why is quoting the word in latter right but wrong in former?


" The article 'the' " in English refers to the definite article overall.

Can the Greek sentence really be said to be equivalent? If you said in Greek "το άρθρο η" would you be making reference to the definite article holistically, as you do in the English sentence? Wouldn't you be putting the focus specifically on the feminine nominative singular?


That's why all definite articles have been included in the reverse translation ;)


Thanks. I didn't make my concrete suggestion at all clear - but I'd say that if you're given the sentence το άρθρο η in Greek, an acceptable English translation would be "the article η". That way, the correct English translation of a Greek sentence about Greek grammar is an English sentence about Greek grammar - as pierotoni was saying earlier in the discussion.


I understand - the articles skill, however, is one of the most debatable ones due to its structure, but it is what the previous Greek team implemented as a step-by-step introduction into the language. There are lots of learners that ask about the "translation" of the definite articles even after having reached a relatively high level. There are tips&notes for every skill, which learners can consult. Furthermore, there won't be an ABC skill in the second tree. We always try to do whatever we think is best and always discuss possible changes that might take place at some point. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

I should add that, in general, we try to avoid using two alphabets in the main sentence because that causes technical issues now and then.


I answered it as "the article " the"" with quotation marks around the second "the", and it said I got it wrong, even though it is certainly correct. Does it despise improvised quotation marks?


You're right, but, since the original sentence lacked the quotation marks, it had been decided that they would not be included in the Greek translation, either :/


"The article e" is accepted. Shouldn't "the article eta" also?


I think just like in the beginning (the ABC lesson), it expects us to put a single latin letter when a single greek letter is there. Also, I'm not sure but I think it expects ήτα to be tranalated as eeta, not eta


Well, since that's an article, there's no point in calling it "eta", as if it were a single letter. In any case, it's better to just finish the ABC skill and move on, where more useful content awaits! There won't be an ABC skill in the new tree, anyways.


Why isn't "το" acceptable?

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