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  5. "Một ly trà"

"Một ly trà"

Translation:A glass of tea

September 19, 2016



I put a "a cup of tea" and it was marked wrong. But nobody in english asks for a glass of tea. Because tea isn't served in glasses, but cups.


Tea is usually served in a glass if it is iced tea.


It's ag glass of tea. I am a Vietnamese so I know it very well


hơ do you make the difference between ''a tea cup'' and ''a cup ò tea''?


Hmm, I have a feeling that there will be various answers to your question since it would depend on the dialect. My family and I are southerners, so to me "a teacup" = "một tách (nhỏ)" and "a cup of tea" = "một tách trà". We do specify that "a teacup" or "a cup" in general is "một tách nhỏ (small)" and "a mug" is "một tách lớn (big)". Keep in mind that's just how my family and I say it.


You can't in Vietnamese unfortunately (as opposed to in French or in English). You would have to rely on the context.


The Vietnamese 'tr' combination sounds exactly the same as the English 'tr', NOT like the English 'ch'.

Try some of the following:

Trung tâm (center / centre) Trường học (school) Trẻ (young) Một bức tranh (a painting)

The Vietnamese 'ch' combination sounds the same as the English 'ch' in "church".

Try these:

Chè (a kind of sweet dessert) Cha mẹ (parents) Cho (to give) Chu đáo (thorough)


This is north accent vietnamese


So how can these people learn a foreign language like English, French or Italian?

How would they, for example, pronounce English words like"strong", "triangle", "ramifications"?

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