"Even if you want, it does not matter."

Translation:אפילו אם אתה רוצֶה, זה לא משנה.

September 19, 2016

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afílu eem atah rotzeh zeh lo meshaneh


This sentence needs "it" or . "to" - or some kind of object in English


Unless context is very clear.

I suppose you are right grammatically


Naftali, I'm glad you continued this discussion, bec i realized i hit "sent" too fast. if you just way, "if you want", you omit "it" in sentences like "If you want, I will call him". But it doesn't work with even though/even if. Not natural language for us


I think this sentence is fine for "even if you want (it to matter), it doesn't matter".

It fits into what you wrote as well.


so אם means "if" here?


Well, if it is not used for אֵם mother, אִם means if.


Why משנה instead of זה חא חשוב?


Well, apparently זֶה לֹא מְשַׁנֶּה it does not change (it) is a very idiomatic way to say in Hebrew, when something does not matter. זֶה לֹא חָשׁוּב it is not important is possible too, of course.


Not unlike the English "does not make a difference" or "does not change anything."


I wrote. זה לא חשוב. Was not accepted


I wrote, "אפילו אם רוצים, זה לא משנה". Can anyone explain why this doesn't work?


Well, one may frown upon the funny redunancy of אֲפִלּוּ אִם, which has the if-part double (etymological אף־אם־לו אם], but it is colloquially much used.


I don't know for sure obviously but I think the creators inserted pronouns into the sentence (there is one in the example at the top) and thus you must include a pronoun before the רוצה.


How would you say "It doesnt change" cause change is also this verb


Well, it is the same in Hebrew, as שִׁנָּה basically means to change (something). The translation depends on context, so if you have an object, you are more likely to translate it by to change: אֵין זֶה מְשַׁנֶּה כְּלוּם בְּעֵינַי it does not change anything in my eyes, although this also mean it does not matter to me. If you want to say that something is unchangeable, I would use the Hitpa'el: הַפִ֫יזִיקָה לֹא הִשְׁתַּנְּתָה physics do not change.

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