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  5. "הארוחה היא לא בשבילם."

"הארוחה היא לא בשבילם."

Translation:The meal is not for them.

September 19, 2016



Can't you say the same thing without the "היא"? A literal translation would read, "the meal, it is not for them."


You can. You would do it if the meal is very clear in context. Otherwise you would use the היא.


Can't it also be "The food is not for them?"


Food =אוכל

Meal =ארוחה


why did the "arokha" change when it form a word "arokhat boker"


It's "arukha" and "arukhat boker". It's called "construct state" where ארוחה (or any feminine word ending in a ה) changes the final ה into a ת to show that it is connected to the next word. So, ארוחה means "meal", but ארוחת means "meal of". And you ask about ארוחת בוקר (arukhat boker) which literally means "meal of morning" --> breakfast.


What's the difference between "food" and "meal"? In my native language it is the same word and it confuses me all the time here. It wants "meal" and I wrote "food", which is wrong.


Are you Czech?

Food is the generic term for things you eat.

A meal is an occasion (often social) when you eat. It can also be the things that are eaten at one sitting. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are meals.


??הארוחה היא לא בשבילם. I wrote it without היא but surely that would also be right?

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