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"Я здесь, потому что мне здесь нравится."

Translation:I am here because I like it here.

September 19, 2016



I am here, because I like to be here.

Is it wrong?


1/24/2021 Nope, still not accepted.


Where does "in" come from?


Without "in" is also accepted.


That's good, but I still wonder what the writer of this sentence was imagining.


So you can understand the russian man's response when you ask why he is in a tank outside your house.


I guess you can say the Russian sentence in a situation where you actually mean "in here".


Why not "I like here"?


Or "I like it here"...


It doesnt sound natural, I like it here sounds more natural


I wrote "Я здесь, потому что здесь мне нравится." It was wrong. How important is the position of мне ? мне нравится seems to be used often as an expression.


I'm not a native speaker, but I heard on a Learning Russian Podcast that "Мне нравится" literally translates to "To me, is pleasing" So i read this whole sentence as "I am here, because to me, here is pleasing" - Not sure if thats true, but its certainly helped me with a lot of other phrases and I normally use that trail of thought when I see these phrases written down in Russian xD I hope that helps you too


I got it as correct


what the hell does it mean? because i like it in here...? english may be easyer i dont understand that


That's English for you. I think the reason for "it" (which is the same kind of "it" as in "it is raining") is because like (which is a verb) needs an object. An object has to be basically a noun or a pronoun, so "it" fills that need. You're right, it doesn't mean anything in particular. You could say "I like being here" which makes "being here" a noun, object phrase. But "I like here" just doesn't sound right in English.


Sounds fine to me. Hey, lady why on earth are you here. Well pardon me for existing. I'm here cause i like it here.


Its the correct answer, with because , of course.


I'm not questioning the English version, but, as interested in learning Russian language, I ask you if Я здесь, потому что мне нравится (omitting the second здесь) would be correct.

[deactivated user]

    Hi! I would like to know if you're right...cause I also think it sounds a lot better like that...in Portuguese we try to avoid repeating a word in the same sentence. Regards from Madeira Island


    В чем же разница между: I like it in here I like it here?

    Анализ показывает что первый вариант более употребляем.


    Translated into English because this is useful input:

    What is the difference between: I like it in here I like it here?

    Analysis shows that the first option is more used.


    i like it in here really means nothing for me


    You have be inside something (a house, a wood, a cave) for that to make sense.


    Can you put здесь at the end instead?


    "I am here because i like to be here" still not accepted. Could someone please explain what is wrong with the translation?


    I put "я здесь потому что мне здесь правиться". That's the second time what I think is an identical answer to the one given has been marked wrong.. Have I missed something? I was told "wrong word". Is it because I missed the comma? Russian seems to be stricter on commas than English.


    You misspelled нравится


    This time I got "Я злесь, потому что мне здесь нравится." That's copied straight across from my answer. Isn't that correct? Again it was marked wrong. Is there a glitch in the system here? Or what?


    We do not actually have this exercise.


    Another wrong sentence!


    I am not native English speaker. But my answer, "I am here because I like here" doesn't accepted. And I want to know why


    Because this is not the way a native speaker of English would say it. I know, you are working on learning Russian, you aren't working on your English right now. So it doesn't feel fair that you got marked wrong for a problem with your English grammar when you understood the meaning of the Russian sentence. But the staff at Duolingo have to enter every alternative sentence into the program database in order for the sentences to be accepted. And no one is going to enter sentences that aren't good English.


    Why not: I am here Because I like it. That's what I understand when I read Russian sentence


    Please fix slow motion audio to sound like мне instead of меня.


    I wrote is the way the correct answer was and still had it wrong???

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