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  5. "אני חושב שזה דבר חיובי."

"אני חושב שזה דבר חיובי."

Translation:I think that this is a positive thing.

September 19, 2016



Is this out-and-out wrong? "I think that this thing is positive" Awkward phrasing, I know - I was following the sentence word by word.


No, your sentence would be אֲנִי חוֹשֵׁב שֶׁהַדָּבָר הַזֶּה חִיּוּבִי. English and Hebrew word order differ!


A couple of questions: I think that this is something positive, is a valid option? and חיובי could mean also obligatory or mandatory ?


First question - that would be a slightly different sentence - אני חושב שזה משהו חיובי

Mandatory is חובה or מחויב.


Are those (חיובי and חובה) from the same root? How might they be connected?


Well, חוֹבָה obligation is derived from the verb חִיֵּב to force somebody, then in Modern Hebrew to agree (you see the jump!), so that someone who is חיּוּנִי tends to agree.


Why is 'matter' wrong (instead of 'thing')? I.e., 'I thinkthat this is a positive matter.'


Because matter =/= thing


Thanks for the feedback! What would the word for 'matter' be, then?


Issue /subject - עניין/נושא

Matter would probably be one of those


It's not really wrong, but the issue is partly English semantics. The lexeme דבר is often glossed with "word" and then "thing" in biblical lexica and also for Mishnaic Hebrew. But then as a secondary sense of "thing" it can mean "affair" (Jastrow, 278b) and "matter" (Dictionary of Classical Hebrew, 2.399). But the distinction between "matter, affair, etc" is not always clear and has to be determined always by context. In English, a "thing" can be a matter. If one goes way back, דבר is an ancient Semitic word. In Aramaic, it can mean "matter, thing," sometimes through Hebrew interference. See Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon, dbr "n.m. matter." Probably DL should allow "...a positive matter" but is it really worth the effort? "Thing" works well and NaftaliFri1 notes עניין/נושא. Here's a brief online discussion of a related matter (ha!) in Israeli Hebrew: https://ulpan.com/how-to-say-at-the-end-of-the-day-in-hebrew/


Am I the only one having a hard time with the speed of this question? I wish we had a slow option like they have in French. I don't like skipping audio, but this one is very confusing to me.


Turtle speed as an option would be nice. Spanish and Greek have it, too.


I agree that דבר would be used in 10 cases out of 10 conversationaly and only sometimes you would hear נושא this is sort of 'street hebrew for everyday life'. Israelies would refer as דבר to just anything: jubject, object, thing under discussion. I cant explain as to why this is, this is just what l keep hearing in Tel-Aviv.


Ani khoshev sheze davar khiyuvi.


Why not, I think that this thing is positive?

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