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  5. "הם הפועלים שלי."

"הם הפועלים שלי."

Translation:They are my workers.

September 19, 2016



Interesting. In Israel there is a bank called בנק הפועלים. I now understand. Haha


It was actually sort of a workers union, called הפועלים


It happened exactly the same to me, mate :-)


The word פּוֹעַל (= verb in grammatic) has the same פ-ע-ל root. And a lot of other words as well:

mif'al מִפְעָל = enterprise, project; plant, factory,

po'el פּוֹעֵל = worker,

pe'ula פְּעוּלָּה = action, operation,

pa'il פָּעִיל = active, enthusiastic,

pa'il פָּעִיל = activist,

pe'ilut פְּעִילוּת = activity,

lif'ol לִפְעוֹל = to act, to operate, to do, to work,

lehaf'il לְהַפְעִיל = to turn on (a machine), to activate; to encourage,

lehitpa'el לְהִתְפַּעֵל = to be impressed, to be excited,

pe'altan פְּעַלְתָּן = active, energetic.


Great info! Thanks :-)


Wait, so is the word for worker "doer?"


No. To do is לעשות. The word לפעול is more like to act (in a doing way, not as in a theater)


The פ.ע.ל root is where you get the names of the 7 binyanim (buildings) that is at the core of the Hebrew language.


Would "They are my employees" be a correct answer.


Approximately yes, but more properly "employee" is שכיר or מועסק. For example, a manager can be your employee, but she is definitely not a פועל. As a matter of fact, פועל suggests manual laborer, so not a lawyer, an engineer or a teacher.


Wait, so does it mean that the team 'Hapoel' means something like 'Worker'? Its great because we have the same case in my country and language (serbian)


It's more like to get something done

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