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  5. "Ο γάμος"

"Ο γάμος"

Translation:The marriage

September 19, 2016



In English (or at least in my dialect) "marriage" usually means the ongoing relationship between spouses and "wedding" usually refers to the singular event of joining the two together. Since both are accepted as answers here, does γάμος carry all of that weight by itself, or are there other words as well?


Yes, as you say "γάμος" means both. Heavy load for one little word.


Could you say "η τελετή του γάμου" if you want to strongly emphasise that you're referring to the wedding itself?


Is the phrase 'υγιεα μας' = yamas = 'cheers!' related to the word marriage = γάμος?


No, "υγεία μας" (you have a typo) is pronounced as "γεια μας" listen to native speakers here: https://forvo.com/languages/el/

It comes from "υγεία" = health and "μας" = our

Now, listen to "γάμος"¨ https://forvo.com/languages/el/


Accent on the first syllable is essential here, NEVER pronounce it with the accent on -μος !

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'Γαμός' means nothing, it's just a wrong accent placement, therefore it's safe. The rude word you're thinking of comes with a different vowel. :)


I think "marriage" without the article should be accepted as correct


Without context, it's preferable to keep the original.


In English, ‘the marriage’ means a specific couple's marriage (as in ‘the marriage of heaven and hell’), while ‘marriage’ refers to the institution (as in ‘marriage is what brings us together today’). Does ‘ο γαμός’ mean both?


(I mean ‘ο γάμος’.)


When using the hints you should always choose the top one. They are set up so that the correct word/phrase for each sentence is at the top. The others will rise to the top when needed.

However, in this case both "marriage' and "wedding" are correct, and depending on the context you could use either. For this sentence without context both are correct. For other sentences in the lesson, you'll notice that one is better than the other.

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