"The food is coming."

Translation:האוכל בא.

September 19, 2016

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I'm pattern recognising the words with no idea what they sound like and passing. I feel naughty.


That is good learning. But here :

Ha'okhel - האוכל

Ba - בא


I even read the letters as the english alphabet lol, like "food", i call "xicc" in hebrew, but backwards. But yea, im tryin too


You shouldnt use בא when talking about food. מגיע (ma-gi-aa) is the right way. Remember, when last letters are יע then it sounds 'iaa' / 'yaa'


If you know that it's bad usage, please report it with the flag symbol


how do you know if its fem or masc


Most nouns that end in ה or ת are feminine. That's most... not all. So unfortunately, there will be some memorization involved, but this will help you guess most of the time :-)

Full explanation here: Hebrew Language Blog


Guessing is great in a pinch, but here, taking a course, use conjugation tables for verbs and a dictionary for other words, whether in hard copy or online, so that you are learning, not guessing.


To clarify what I meant- I guess at the word the first time. If I am wrong, I learn from my mistakes.

Personally, I think guessing is more practical than looking up a conjugation table for every new word we encounter. I guess and then look up the ones I get wrong to understand why.


Yes, I think we all do.
Also, in correctly formed Hebrew, when the word in question is modified or indicated by a gendered adjective or pronoun, the gender of the adjective or pronoun tells you the gender of that word.
So, for example, we don't have to guess the gender of the nouns that we see here:
Good night "לילה טוב"
Sweet dreams "חלומות מתוקים"

Edit: Fortunately, the guideline about gendered endings is far more reliable with adjectives than with nouns and verbs.


@Theresa. That's his point. If you see לילה on its own, you'd guess it's feminine. The same with חלומות. But, if you have adjectives next to it, you don't have to guess the gender, because the adjective will always tell you the correct gender. In these cases, even though they appear feminine, because of the adjectives we can know that they are masculine.


Oh, very good example))) Food is always good


*האוכל מגיע


I looked up the word "food" in the Google translate app, and it came back with "מזון". What is the difference between מזון and אוכל?


They are synonyms but מזון is more like food products and nutrition.


How do I find a Hebrew keyboard I can install?


Look through other comments on other Duolingo exercises and you will find literally hundreds of options! I would help you here if I could but I don’t know what device you are using. On my iPhone, I went to settings, general, keyboard and that got me set up in less than a minute! Or your phone might require settings, general, language and region, then keyboard.


I like how "food" is the noun form of "eat".


How do I change my keyboard to write in hebrew?

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