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"The red apple is falling to the ground."

Translation:A piros alma leesik a földre.

September 19, 2016



I had it right, but I am wondering how to chose between re and hoz. I understand that re is "onto".


By the way, Budapest is a ‘top’ place, so use the top cases with it. These are: ‘to the top’ - -ra/-re, ‘on the top’ - -on/-en/-ön/-n and ‘from the top’ -ról/-ről. To, in and from: Budapestre, Budapesten, Budapestről. The ‘on the top’ case is one where roundedness makes a difference, but only for front vowels.

When we go to a place/countryside. Use -ra /-re or -ba/-be Budapestre, egy üzletbe(store), étterembe (restaurant), Párizsba( Paris), Londonba (London), a városba (to the city)

-nak -nek can mean for :

I need to buy an anniversary gift for my friend. - Kell vennem a barátomnak egy szülinapi ajándékot.

When we visit a person:. Use -hoz/- hez / -höz. or -t

I go to the baker. -Elmegyek a pékhez.

I visit Peter. - Meglátogatom Pétert.



Why is le- necessary here?


Yes, there must be a subtle difference between "esik a földre" and "leesik a földre," and we would be glad to see the explanation.


In the past I have been marked wrong for not including 'down' for leesik so why is 'le' accepted here?

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