"A nagy fekete kutya lefut az utcára és lefekszik az autók közé."

Translation:The big black dog runs down to the street, and lies down between the cars.

September 19, 2016

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I hate such long sentences.


again "onto" the street is rejected.


The wordbank offered no onto and report did not offer "English is wrong" so I reported "Hungarian is wrong". It would need to be "utcán" to let the dog run on the street.


So why "közé" rather than "között"? Had it been daisies rather than cars, I could see the idea of "to among", but otherwise, it'd have to be an awfully big dog.


Because the dog is coming from somewhere where there was no cars to the cars, as explained in the Directional Postpositions lesson https://www.duolingo.com/skill/hu/Dear-Postman/tips-and-notes

Had the dog already been around cars, it wouldve been között. But the dog came to the cars so it is közé.


Thanks, but the dog had completed its "to-ing" in the first clause, having run down to the street. Now, in the second clause, having reached its destination, it is lying down.


"között" implies no movement at all. He was lying there the whole time and the running bit was just a dream. Will not work.


I can accept that. :)


Közé as in közel means close to or among, not between. Surely között is between once the dog has stopped moving with the action of lying down. Can anyone helpexplain further?


No. Közé is related to között - between, among, or amid. Közel is a different word.

Közé means the dog moves to be among - clued in by "runs down to the street". If it was "The dog is in the street among the cars" it would be között.


How about this? "The big black dog runs down onto the street and lies down between the cars."

I see that "onto" has already been reported, but is "between" an alright translation here?


Between has to be OK, too. Report. Are we driving them a crazy as they are driving us?


The whole course feels to me like a great trolling experiment.


My answer was identical to the correct solution, yet somehow rejected


"Among" for "közé" should be accepted, reported

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