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"Không bao giờ để con chó ngủ bên cạnh con mèo."

Translation:Never let the dog sleep next to the cat.

September 19, 2016



never allow... is the same as never let...


While we're at it there's also permit; the course is very textbook-like and the contributors aren't entirely fluent in English so there are mistakes and lots of answers that aren't accepted.


Let's not forget they are doing a great job. You don''t pay for it, so probably they are unpaid volunteers.


Ooh that's why....


1) Để cái kéo bên phải cái liềm = Put the scissors on the right of the sickle

2) Không bao giờ để con chó ngủ bên cạnh con mèo. = Never let the dog sleep beside the cat.

In (1) Để means 'Put', in (2) để means 'let'. How can we be aware of the meaning of 'Để'? is there a rule of thumb (or a grammar rule).

for (1) can I also say:

Đặt cái kéo ở bên phải của liềm.


you can think of "để" as "leave", both in the sense of "put" and "let", although that's admittedly a bit of a stretch.


Why not put "sleeps" instead of "sleep" in this sentence ?

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