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Request for Vietnamese Accent Board

On some of the Vietnamese translations from English to Vietnamese, I cannot do those because I cannot work the Vietnamese keyboards. I understand that Vietnamese is still in beta, but is there the possibility of the addition of an accent board, like in Spanish, French, etc? Please consider adding this.

September 19, 2016



Just install Vietnamese keyboard on your phone (if you're on computer, install Unikey). After you install the keyboard, type like this to get the accent marks:

ă= aw. Example: trawng= trăng

â= aa. Example: caan= cân

đ= dd. Example: ddaau= đâu

ê= ee. Example: ddeem= đêm

ô= oo. Example: nhoo= nhô

ơ= ow. Example: mow= mơ

ư= uw.Example: tuw= tư

dấu sắc (rising): s. Example: sawsc=sắc

Huyền (falling): f. Example: huyeenf= huyền

Hỏi (dipping-rising): r. Example: hoir= hỏi

Ngã (rising glottalized) x. Example: ngax= ngã

Nặng (falling glottalized) j. Example: nawngj= nặng


How to type Vietnamese characters on computer (after installing unikey) https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13899968

Anhd for Mac users: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7704297


No, because there are too many. You have 12 vowels times 6 tones. So 72. Minus the 6 present on an English keyboard, it's 66. Plus one consonant, it makes 67. I think that in French it's 12 and even less in Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish, etc.


The Mac has full Vietnamese keyboard support. Windows does too, but some people prefer to use third-party software. See Typing Vietnamese Guide


you can have vietnamese keyboard by going to window setting and set the keyboard to vietnamese

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