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"הם עושים את זה או אנחנו עושים את זה?"

Translation:Do they do it or do we do it?

September 19, 2016



Many of the the "Select the Missing Word' exercises have jumbled words that don't make sense. I am using Chrome. Please take a look at how it reads. Often the words are place left to right instead of right to left as it is in Hebrew.


When this sentence shows up as a “select the missing word” exercise, the question mark appears at the wrong end of the sentence. It should be

‏הם [עושים] את זה או אנחנו עושים את זה?‏

rather than

‎הם [עושים] את זה את אנחנו עושים את זה‎?‎

This should be a simple thing to fix with proper encoding of the RTL text strings.


This is what I see in Edge: את זה או אנחנו עושים את זה?___הם


Also saw it on chrome


I only see that in certain browsers when I choose a random ui, to see if a site looks different, so I don't get the mobile version even though I'm on android using boat or puffin, if I choose to pretend it's safari or Firefox . It might happen. Otherwise I don't see that.


I will say I got it on one question, few skills later (in the app), it happened once. Like it was taunting me for saying it never happened!


They seem to have made some changes in the last few days. I’ve seen several “choose all correct translations” exercises where the punctuation appears correctly; previously the final punctuation mark always appeared to the right of the sentence in those exercises.

But this “select the missing word” exercise is now mangled worse than before. It’s as if the sentence is divided into three parts: the part before the blank, the blank, and the part after the blank. The text and punctuation within each part are correctly rendered right-to-left, but the three parts are shown left-to-right.

That is, I had to decipher …

‎‏הם‏‎ _ ‎‏את זה או אנחנו עושים את זה?‏‎

… instead of …

‏הם _ את זה או אנחנו עושים את זה?‏

I’m using Firefox, for what it’s worth. But of course if Duolingo get their code right, it shouldn’t matter what platform anyone uses to view it.


I use Chrome and just experienced this, as well. I was so confused :)


Use the app, really great, you can use your existing accout on the app too


Is it possible do build this sentence without using זה or is it the only option?


could it be singular or not and why not? do you do it, or do we do it?


But the sentence says: "do they ... or do we", not "you". Both are clearly plural.


Can we say (( "shall" they do it )) instead of " do.." ?


Not in this sentence. It's "are they going to do"


No, that is not logic


Why didn't it accept "do this"?


My answer should have been accepted grrrrrrrrr

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