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  5. "The boss describes the work."

"The boss describes the work."

Translation:הבוס מתאר את העבודה.

September 19, 2016



why can't say "המנהל מתאר את העבודה"


Should be accepted, guess because it's on beta..


What does it mean "on beta"?


In development process, not a final product


Manager = מנהל

He might be the boss, but it's not the same word.


Agree it's not the exact same meaning, but it is used on a daily spoken language as a synonym - manager / boss. The Hebrew word, בוס also originates from English, so originally it's not even a word in Hebrew. Also, the meaning of the word "Boss" - someone who is in charge of me, or "manage" me.

In other words - I'd give it a go, especially if we're dealing with actual daily language.


You're making my point. Boss is a more general word for someone who is in charge. These people can have different roles or professions which are more specific, one of which is manager.


Just to confuse things further "boss" (American English) may have come from Dutch "baas"

It's helpful to know the precise translations of both Hebrew words :-)


With הבוס מתארת את העבודה
I got "you are missing a space". Can't הבוס be a female word? Or am I making some other mistake?


Would be בוסית, I think, but yes, it can.

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