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I finally "cracked" German

So, after learning the German language off and on for about two years, I was recently able to hold a decent conversation with a native German speaker, as small as it was, it was still a milestone for me. On top of recently being able to read and "decode" paragraphs in German (If I understand 40-60% of the sentence I can generally figure out what it says.) While my German still isnt all to great, its still nice to see progress. Something that helped me a lot was getting my mind into the process of thinking of German words as a mere expansion of the English language, and incorporating it into everyday conversations and thought.

The grammar was tricky, but I got my mind around that by simply remembering its a very different culture, so the way things are said and words used will be different. (That and German grammar is very similar to the "old English" style of Grammar.)

September 19, 2016



Hey nice to hear fellow German learners! Congratulation I would say! Would you be so kindto share your thoughts more on that process and how you finally found that 'cracked' moment. I have been learning German since of November last year and it was still quite hard to make a decent conversation. I had recently acquired B1 Goethe Zertifikat, yet it is still very hard for me..


While the "Deutsch für Dich" website is great, it is even better when used along side DuoLingo and an app I found called "Hello talk"

I cant exactly pin point when, or why, it clicked. It usually just happens, like that moment you finally understand something in math.


Hey thank you very much man, hope we can somehow get in contact one day talking german and making a decent conversation! I'm planning to move myself to Dresden this October, studying there for my master degree. Anyway, good luck for the both of us for this journey!


I use the Hello Talk app too. I found it good for asking questions about german to native speakers and answer english questions from learners.


B1 in just one year is impressive ! Congrats


Congrats! I recommend their online TV (and a simple dictionary like pons.com). The archives (Mediathek of ARD, Arte, ZDF, Servus, ORF) are always full of documentaries and even short clips. There's always something that I like. I completely switched to their media and I'm learning effortlessly now.


BIG fan of getting exposure to lots of the language through the excellent access to public TV/radio we have on the internet. I figure I've learned more German by doing that than anything else.


The movie "Das Boot" and the Norwegian mini series "The heavy water war" helped me tons


That is what i am trying to learn Ja


Thanks all :) I hope to be semi-fluent in German by next Summer


Would you like to practice together? I want to be semi-fluent by next summer too because I am planning a trip there!

PS If you haven't heard of Easy German on YouTube I definitely recommend it!


yea that would be great! danke for the recommendation too!


We could work together if that's ok with you...


Thanks for that as well, I will see that as soon as I can


Congratulations! I have not spoken with any native speakers yet but there are German exchange students coming to my school in one or two weeks, so I'm hoping to finally put my German to use then. Like you, I have also started to "decode" more complex sentences. Take a Lingot man, I have way to many that I don't deserve as much as you.


nice job!!!!! :) That must have been hard


Sehr gut! Glückwunsch... ;o)


Gut gemacht!!! That's really awesome! Keep up the good work.


Ja it is a fun language Ja?


I'm getting there, slowly but surely.


Wow, congratulations!


Hallo, ich bin Oshowatt1234, Ja?

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