"Sajnos a fogai a nyelvétől jobbra betegek."

Translation:Unfortunately his teeth to the right of his tongue are bad.

September 19, 2016

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Reviewing this, I managed to remember the his/her nonsense, but they got me with 'ill.' -- In English you'd never describe teeth as sick either. They would be 'rotten' or something.


In English one could say 'his teeth to the right of his tongue'. But one could also say, more gracefully, 'the teeth to the right of his tongue'. In other words, it's better style to avoid using 'his' twice.

In Hungarian, could we rewrite the sentence using 'a fogak' instead of 'a fogai'? Which is better Hungarian?


Her tongue is in his mouth, I guess :D Or she took his teeth in her mouth. Fallen teeth are kind of ill, right?

(If it isn't accepted with his-his or her-her, report it, please.)


it was rejected and for this is still nonsense haha, although your effort was reasonable haha


HIS teeth to the right of HIS tongue sounds very awkward to me. Wouldn't you have the same meaning with " THE teeth to the right of HIS tongue


Is it uncorrect to write " on the right side"?

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