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"Annak a főnöknek van nagy autója, akinek sok pénze van."

Translation:That boss has a big car, who has a lot of money.

September 19, 2016



I think a better order would be: That boss, who has a lot of money, has a big car .


The way it's phrased in this English version is as if the car was a person and had the money.


Does this point to a specific person, that boss, or is it in some more abstract sense, like that man ascends to heaven who is pure of heart?


There is no way to report that this English sentence makes no sense in this order... The big car is not a person who has a lot of money. Anybody know how to report errors like this?


Borat was here again


Should it not be "The boss who has a big car has a lot of money"?

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