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"In a second the cat runs to me."

Translation:בשניה אחת החתול רץ אליי.

September 19, 2016



can we use "בשנייה החתול רץ אליי"


it wasn't accepted unfortunately


You should use the report function for these. It reaches the moderators directly, whereas they don't read the comment section regularly, so your efforts are lost here.

Comment section is for questions and clarifications to fellow learners.


I had the same question. English clearly says: A second, not ONE second. I will report. It's just to bad that no comments are possible in reports.


What would be the difference between "החתול רק אליי" and "החתול רק לי"?


*edit: where it says "רק" it should say "רץ" both times.


I was marked wrong today for doing so. But שנייה אחת is ONE second.


Well, yes indeed. I think that for שְׁנִיָּה second, a full spelling with double-Judh, שנייה, is better than the proposed שניה. You write the consonantal Judh single before a Mater lectionis (the ה indicates only the vowel [a]), but there is an additional חִירִיק before it.

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